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Since 2014, pros and cons lists and pros or cons contributions can be created and votes can be cast for them. 100% or at least the most of the contributions (or at least we think so) are human generated. The voting mechanism is made with a 24 hour vote window for each post and only human votes can be cast. We are quite sure that some of the contributions are copied from elsewhere and pasted into our system but we dont see a problem by that. every voice counts.



Be aware of the human nature. pros-cons.online is a open space for everyone of every (legal) age and you will recognize this by reading some of the unmoderated posts or by reading between the lines. We have a lot of reading and contributing students visiting while looking for content or informations for school related tasks. We do everything we can to moderate, edit or even delete unnecessary or senseless contributions made by, lets say it not so grown up kids or teenagers, but keep in mind that sometimes some of this posts slip threw. Get a rough idea, but don't take it too seriously - If you are struggling with any serious matter, please talk to someone real. And please make use of the REPORT Button for this kind of posts. Its made for keeping this place clean



A pros/cons post counts one vote - one vote counts the same as a pros/cons post. If you read something that speaks to you from the soul or that corresponds to your experience or opinion so give the contribution your vote. If you have something to say about the topic that no one has said yet, write your own post and share your opinion with the others. It will help every other visitor to form his opinion.



The mood board at the top of every pros cons list provides a graphical overview of the development of overall modd and the distribution of votes over the entire duration of the pros cons list. It is informative and exciting at the same time to see how a topic develops over days, weeks, months or even years and how the mood and opinion on it can change.



In the Index view, you can see the distribution of votes in numbers and also a symbol that gives a first impression of the mood of the list.


A clear mood or:

Your question - the answer

The mood of a list is relatively clearly in one direction at 75% or more



The distribution of votes is +-4%

There is no clear direction and opinions are hidden in the details


Hot Hot Hot

Opinions are divided. With these lists it goes sometimes up sometimes down because the mood lies in the range 53-74%

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